Project Management

Project Management

 Local, Professional, and Independent “Owner’s Rep” for your Estate 


Managing home projects is the #1 headache for home-owners–often preventing them from making the changes they wish they could make. Our service in this area is worth its weight in gold. Whether a kitchen remodel, new deck, major renovation, or a full custom-build of a new home: we manage the process, calendar, relationships, pricing, and other key nuances from a LOCAL position of industry expertise. Consider a few implications and how they might equate to time and money:


  • Who should I select as my builder/contractor, architect, or designer and why? 
  • What are reasonable fees or fee structures in this area?
  • Will bids or quotes be apples-to-apples?
  • How will I verify everything I am told?
  • Will I have time to research the countless elements of this process in order to make informed decisions at each juncture?
  • How will I manage the details and calendar of the project remotely?
  • Who will keep pressure on the key parties to insure efficiency and accountability? 
  • My construction experience is limited; will I see key implications in drawings, budgets, contracts, and change-orders?
  • I am busy with life, will I have time to be the sole contact for every detail throughout the project?
Let our local, industry expertise become your ADVOCATE. We offset otherwise massive owner-demands, simplify the process and communication, and offer industry-relevant advice and feedback so owners can make smart, efficient decisions. We scrutinize each dollar, contract, drawing, and change-order, and watch over the calendar, contractor, and other key players as your local boots-on-the-ground. The value far outweighs the cost, not just in time/hassle savings, but in hard-cash savings through informed-decision making at each juncture.  


"I am building a custom, luxury home in Breckenridge from the Chicago area and I could not do it without Adam and Summit Luxury Estates as my Owner's Rep.  Adam has been my local and industry-experienced eyes, ears, feet, and mind, and has been instrumental in making sure that my project is on time, on budget, and done to my expectations.  Adam has exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process. To anyone building their dream home or undertaking any other large project in Summit County you must have Adam as your advocate!"

Chicago Client: Custom Home-Build in Breckenridge, CO

"I live in Florida, and my place in Frisco has needed significant updating for some time.  I really value my time up there--and all of the things I can do with it--so taking time out to try to arrange and oversee construction was not an option.  Thinking about navigating the hiring of good local contractors to do the work, finding fair deals, and managing decisions along the way, led to my postponing this project for years.

Involving Adam (Summit Luxury Estates) in the process not only made the remodel possible, but also made it easy.  And, I am certain that his expertise and diligent work throughout the project saved me money.  He is resourceful, thoughtful, and thorough.  And he knows how to get things done there, in that market.  He was present at all stages of the project.  He provided options for all necessary decisions, and helpful advice.

I couldn't imagine doing my project without Adam, and I enthusiastically recommend him to be your representative."

Florida Client: Complete Condo Remodel in Frisco, CO
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