Regular Maintenance

Per Visit / as needed maintenance

  1. General home check for temperatures, security, odors, etc.
  2. Check and replace household light bulbs
  3. Appliance check and bulb replacement
  4. Minor door, closet, and cabinet adjustments and lubing
  5. Check / clean faucet or shower aerators from mineral deposits
  6. Check drains for debris or clogs
  7. Run disposal/s and periodically clean
  8. Run water and flush toilets
  9. Check for any apparent insect problems
  10. Clean any window wells of debris
  11. Check property for any water or drainage issues
  12. Replace remote control or keypad batteries
  13. Full walk of property including minor debris clean-up
  14. Check/add water softener salt
  15. Check dryer vents for visible lint build-up
  16. Check for ice-damming or large icicles
  17. Check garage door auto-reverse feature

Bi-annual spring or fall maintenance

  1. Smoke / CM Detector testing and annual battery replacement
  2. Heat tape inspection / activation
  3. Test sump pump/s
  4. Check gutter and downspouts
  5. Inspect fire extinguishers
  6. Check for unsealed driveway cracks
  7. Re-light and minor troubleshoot of gas fireplaces
  8. Inspect filters and replace as needed (furnace, air purifiers, vent or range fans, vacuum)

(Home-specific materials or pick-ups billed as needed)

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