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The Managers

We are a locally owned and operated Breckenridge Property Management company with a laser-focused niche in the high-end vacation rental market. As a boutique, but capable firm, we focus on maximum performance BECAUSE OF our insistence on maintaining intimacy with the many critical details and relationships that truly matter. At Summit Luxury Estates, we are caretakers more than just managers; hosts more than just administrators. We operate more like thoughtful artists, rather than just box-checkers. Everything is carefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally managed.

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The Hosts

We are more than just lodging; but rather vacation and hospitality artists. We are detail-loving advocates of what is meaningful to our guests. From the drive, to the food, to the photos, to the snow, to the sun, to the sip, to the soak. For the heart that longs to race and the heart that longs to rest. Our goal is to help pack as many amazing words into your experience as possible, and send them with you in your memories.

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The Place

Breckenridge and nearby communities are very relaxed and laid-back places to vacation or spend time. There is little pretense or cultural expectation of anything other than people having a good time and respecting others wanting to do the same. Family is an emphasis, but by no means a requirement. Couples or individuals will have a blast, as will parents with kids or teens. Dress is almost never formal. With a culture so rooted in outdoor activity, athletic or ski wear is the universal norm. Stilettos, polished loafers, or fine jewelry don’t need to make the suitcase. Snow or sunshine, being comfortable and active, hot tubs, toasty fires, good food and drinks, friends and laughter are the staples of the community and culture in Summit County, Colorado.

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Vacations are too rare to settle! Come experience the best Colorado has to offer!

Choose only the BEST in Breckenridge Property Management!