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Our Team, Our Story


Adam and Natalie Parker founded Summit Luxury Estates in 2017. Adam owned a successful real estate management and investment firm in St Louis prior. Surrounding the forced sale of his ownership, he and Natalie began to brainstorm about next steps in this unforeseen professional reset. “Should we start another company? Should Adam get a job in the industry? Should we spend some time in another country? Surrounding these conversations, the two of them took a trip to Breckenridge that had been on the books for some time. Intrigue grew as the professional culture of investment, development, and  property management was noticed in finer detail (all areas of Adam’s expertise). On the plane ride home, Adam gave a notepad to Natalie, and had one for himself. “Write down 1) everything you are good at, 2) everything you really enjoy doing, and 3) goals for our marriage and family,” Adam said. When finished, they slid their notepads together and built Summit Luxury Estates from the shared or complimentary elements of those notes.

Adam and Natalie have become good friends with many of their owners, and even some of their guests. They LOVE the culture of the mountains. They love the dress code. No city traffic. The beauty, the nature, and laid-back style of mountain community. They love being able to put the kids or the dogs in the truck for a day at the “office”. They homeschool their four children, and share life fulltime with Natalie’s mom…oh and the two dogs. They love being able to promote a company culture that is both highly professional, yet highly personal. Working with homes and amazing people in one of the most beautiful places on earth…what a blessed place to be!



Adam Parker

Adam is driven, and highly focused and organized. Details and perfection are just the way he is. He has designed homes, built homes, wired homes, poured concrete, framed, built decks, finished roofs, decorated and staged homes, evaluated investment decisions, built pro-formas, negotiated contracts, purchases, and bank terms…you name it. He has a passion for efficient and meaningful business practices, but an even greater passion for relationships. People mean more than anything…except principle, but good principles always bless good people…is how he lives. As with his former company, an affluent clientele, allowing a smaller portfolio, allowing for greater attention and more meaningful connections is the goal. Summit Luxury Estates is what he loves and what he is good at.


Natalie Parker

Natalie is bright, and bursting with life and passion. She is very tenacious yet kind. She believes anything is possible and is absolutely discontent with mediocrity. She has her diploma in interior decorating and LOVES homes. She loves decorating and staging, and absolutely loves hosting and meeting people. She loves relationships, loves people, and loves finding smarter ways of doing things. Summit Luxury Estates is what she loves and what she is good at.



Erica Winokur

Director of Hospitality

Erica has a genuine heart that simply emanates kindness and grace. She loves the industry, the variety, the people, the details, and the connections it allows. She has two teenage daughters. She loves nature and a natural way of doing things. She has lived in the mountains most of her adult like, learned to ski at 3, and switched to boarding at 25. When not working, you’ll find her deep in the forest, hiking, camping, or stand-up paddle-boarding.


James Brown

Senior Property Manager

Believe it or not, James Brown is not related to the “James Brown”, but the “old soul” part does fit. James was married in 2020, and he and his wife absolutely love living in Summit County. The two of them are up for outdoor…anything. Hiking and biking in the summer, skiing and boarding in the winter. James has a business degree, grew up wrestling alligators in Louisiana, can figure out almost anything, and has a huge heart for people.


Tyler Smith

Property Manager


Matt Sloan

Luxury & Logistics Coordinator


Claire Applebaugh

Guest Experience Coordinator

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