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Summit Luxury Estates Property Management

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We are an exclusive luxury home property management group in Breckenridge, Colorado. Possessing a passion for high-end hospitality, creative hosting, and long-term relationships, we are driven to provide unmatched service and care to both owners and guests.

Owners need to be able to sign off, and know that their prized investment is truly in good hands. Peace of mind is key. This means knowing that your property management team is watching over all the stuff that matters…thinking and caring the way you would as the owner. Our management and owner-guidance comes from a place of expertise, thoughtfulness, and thorough analysis. This isn’t a foregone conclusion in our industry. The level of expertise and integrity behind your home’s oversight can impact your ownership experience to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars and scores of hours…either lost or gained each year.

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Free Rental Evaluation

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Some of our Distinctives:

Locally owned and operated, with a laser-focused niche in the high-end vacation rental and property management market.

We are selective about our owner-relationships, of course vendor relationships, and even guests. Everyone wins when the fit is right and gaps or needs aren’t just filled “because”. We are caretakers more than just managers; hosts more than just administrators. We operate more like thoughtful artists, rather than just box-checkers. Everything is carefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally managed.

A very unique and expansive background in real estate that sets us apart: Real estate investment management, strategies, marketing, and analysis; high-end property management; corporate real estate portfolio management; millions in construction oversight including custom projects and design; property maintenance; and a nearly exclusive background with affluent clientele who have limited time, and a maximum need for trust.

Cornerstone values of trust, integrity, dependable communication, and follow-through.

Our fees are tiered in the owner’s favor to keep us striving for more. Until we reach a market average performance on your property, we commit to being the most economical option on the market for the service we provide. We don’t bump our rates until we cross this mark. This keeps us motivated to fuel your properties’ performance as best we can. We don’t win unless you win. And we aren’t just saying that, we are proving it with our pocketbook.

A boutique, but capable firm, focusing on maximum performance BECAUSE OF our insistence on maintaining intimacy with the many critical details and relationships that truly matter.

Owner Access

State of the art technologies and integration means that you are never waiting on us. Up-to-date detailed information on your investment is always only a touch away via our mobile app.

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Our Commission Includes:

Check-In/Check Out

We provide pre-check-in and post-check-out inspections of the property and grounds, as well as a personal check in and orientation for each guest. Your property is regularly surveyed for inventory, lights, temperature settings, potential damage, and any debris on the grounds. Guests arrive to personalized welcome items, customized bottled water, local publications, a welcome letter, and other concierge provisions based on their requests.


When you make money, we make money. So, we take the marketing your property very seriously. We utilize a large array of the major vacation rental marketing outlets. We maximize google analytics for our independent exposure, and utilize online and social media targeting. A primary focus is also simply providing unparalleled experiences to our guests. Profound experiences generate residual revenue and long-term guest relationships.

Customer Service

Successful Vacation Rentals require hands-on attention, and high-end clientele expect this. We are just around the corner for such matters. From last minute baby-rental needs, to an issue with the hot tub, to a unique check-in scenario, or late-night plumbing issue. We are there to respond and oversee each unique situation through to the guest’s satisfaction.

Schedule Services

We are the personal secretary for your property. If it needs something, we deliver or facilitate. From simple to complex solutions or services, we have the expertise to vet the issues and optimize solutions as your representative–keeping you informed as necessary. We scrutinize and oversee any diagnosis, the service providers themselves, and especially the costs.

Bi-Annual Inspections

In the Spring and Fall, we conduct a top-to-bottom inspection of your property and make recommendations as needed including but not limited to: window-washing, carpet cleaning, chimney sweeps, stain or paint touch-ups, caulking or other upkeep or renovation suggestions. Regular up-keep is always cheaper than deferred maintenance repairs. We are your industry-experienced eyes and ears

After Hours Emergency Line

Most home-issues are not critical or timely, but some can be. For the situations where morning cannot wait, we make sure someone is available to respond.

Owner Courtesies

We value your home, but value you as the Owner even more. Let us know the little ways we can make YOUR stay meaningful when you are in town. Driving up in a snow storm? Let us warm the house and turn the lights on for you. Need a service arranged or reserved?


Our contracts and guest agreements are all facilitated by industry-professional attorneys. They are scrutinized to maximally protect you and your asset. We check insurance coverages, oversee tax collections and remissions, and again keep watch over your inventory, the property’s condition, each guest, vendor, and cleaning during every season. We are the year-round watch-dog over your prized investment.

Basic Maintenance

Certain regular maintenance items are a forgone conclusion. We don’t therefore nickel and dime for what we know is coming. Replacing light bulbs, detector batteries, simple drain clogs, or replacing filters are just part of the territory, so attending to some of these basic property management items is on us.

Concierge Services

This is your vacation home, so make your stays a true vacation, and let us help pamper you or your friends or family when in town. We are here ahead of you, so let us know if we can help arrange a few special treats for you during your stay so you can focus on soaking up your stay and relaxation rather than bothering with some of the details.

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Project Management/ Owner Rep

Managing home projects is the #1 headache for home-owners, often preventing them from making the changes they wish they could make. Our service in this area is worth its weight in gold. Let us manage your Estate’s projects.

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